Pet Supplies

My Pet Market Specializes in Natural and Holistic Pet Supplies!

Did you know that there are more than 76 million pet dogs in the United States alone? Not to mention another 58 million cats in homes around the country, as well. We love our furry friends and we bet that you do, too. To give our pets the happy lives that they deserve, we have to find the best pet stores to buy our pet supplies.


Today, we want to introduce you to the wonderful world of pet supplies at My Pet Market.

Shop Right, Shop Local Pet Supplies

My Pet Market is locally owned and operated by animal-loving professionals who care. When you come to My Pet Market, you get to experience all the benefits that come with a locally owned and community-vested company. My Pet Market offers weekly in-store events to help local rescue groups organize homes for homeless pets, abandoned animals, and those beautiful pets that are sitting on the euthanize list.

To operate as one of the best pet stores near me, My Pet Market offers an outstanding selection of fresh stock, delivered weekly. A few beneficial products you'll find stocking their shelves include:

  • Natural, Organic, and Holistic Pet Foods

  • My Pet Market Guarantees ALL Their Products

  • Shop For Dogs, Cats, Companion Birds, Fish, Reptiles, and More

  • My Pet Market Partners With Local Trainers, Vets, and Rescues


When shopping at My Pet Market, it is easy to see how they became one of the best pet stores near me. Bring on your pet to the shop and browse the outstanding selection of natural and holistic foods. With a customer-satisfaction guarantee that simply cannot be beaten by faceless corporations, you can rest easy knowing that My Pet Market works for YOU.

To take advantage of the affordable pet supplies and knowledge at My Pet Market, swing by their location, and get shopping!