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My Pet Market is a family-owned, independent pet store specializing in natural and holistic foods for dogs, cats, birds, and small animals. We also put a large focus on unique treats, toys, and products for all animals. With over 300 brands and 8,000+ individual products in each store, we pride ourselves on having one of largest selections of products for an independent pet store. We are known for our healthy and natural selection of pet foods and for supporting and stocking smaller, family-owned companies that reflect the values and health standards we have. We are very invested in the quality of the products and brands that we stock, but as a family-owned company, we are even prouder of the incredible staff we’ve managed to gain and maintain throughout the years.


We have a highly trained staff to provide you with all the information you might need to keep your pet healthy and happy based on your pet's individual needs. Whether it's the right food, treat, toy, or training product our staff has invested a lot of time in learning about animal needs and the brands and products we stock.


Our team and company's knowledge and ability to help isn't limited to just inside our walls. We are a community-focused company with a lot of local partnerships, so whether you need advice from us, or just a recommendation for a local groomer, vet, daycare, etc. - we've got you covered. We even host local rescues on the weekends to help animals find their forever homes!

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My Best Friend​     My Family     My Community     My Planet

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Nobody knows your pet like we do!

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