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Pet Market Pets

Sometimes a pet comes in and makes such an impression on our Team Members that they want to share it with us.


"This cutie looks just like Todd from The Fox & The Hound...which is exactly how he got his name! I had a blast holding this little guy even and though he has a cast, that doesn't stop him from wiggling around. Just 2 more weeks until the cast is off and gone! He's such a happy camper and a joy to have in the store! Can't wait to see you again Todd." 

- Team Leader, Grayhawk

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Meet this beautiful angel named Tori! She was a three-year-old rescue who was the absolute sweetest and most loving dog. You can tell how much love and affection she has for her new mom and dad! She came in and got a new leash and harness and absolutely loved it! She even picked out purple!

- Team Member, Biltmore

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"Tiller is 2 years old and sits at what seems 3 feet...He's a big pup and was sure to give plenty of love and tail wags when walking into our location." 

- Team Leader, Paradise Valley



"This is Whiny, she is a lovable little shih tzu. She was a ball of energy that couldn't be contained. The only time she was barely still was when Grandma Mae's Rawternative was up for grabs." 

- Team Leader, Scottsdale


"Her name is Tazo. Her poor parents found her on the side of the freeway the other night and immediately pulled over and picked her up and brought her home with them! She was such a sweet girl and all she wanted to do was cuddle up and give kisses and hugs. It was a match made in heaven for all three of them. They completely spoiled her like the princess that she is. Look at those adorable eyes!"

- Team Member, Biltmore



"This is Charlie, he's just about the goodest boy in the whole world and when I came up to the counter from the back, he was sitting there waiting for a treat."

- Team Member, Scottsdale



"Today is Penelope's birthday. She turned 1 today and we are so excited for her. Nora adopted her from Love For Dogs and she's been perfect ever since ❤️ She got some treats and toys and shopped around with us and it was a blast! We can't wait to see you again Penelope!"

- Team Leader, Grayhawk 



"This is Beckham and her sibling shopping for some treats and a new crate at our Grayhawk location! They had a blast taking photos with the delicious Primal freeze-dried!"

- Team Leader, Grayhawk

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