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Benjamin & Harrison

Benjamin & Harrison are the Pet Market August Pet(s) of the Month! These two are are total besties so we couldn't pick just one of them! 

More About Benjamin & Harrison

Benjamin (the Bulldog) is a gentle giant. He is two years old with a birthday coming up in September. Happy (early) Birthday Benjamin! He is a complete sweetheart and sounds like a turkey when he cries. How adorable is that? He absolutely loves belly rubs, chicken, and his big brother Harrison.


Harrison is a Sphynx breed which makes this handsome boy a hairless cat. He's just a little older than Benjamin at three years old. He is very loving and kind. Harrison can play fetch and loves treats of any kind. He will come running as soon as he hears the rustling of a treat bag! He enjoys both cuddling with and teasing his brother equally.

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