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Stop in this month to take advantage of these great offers! Better hurry though, these offers are only good through the end of the month!

Meal-Free Pet Food
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Save $5 on any size bag of food!

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Featured Brands

Bones & Co
RAWZ Pet Food
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Earth Buddy

We want to showcase these brands because these are brands our employees can't get enough of, brands that we love as a company, and (of course) brands that we love as pet parents.  

Get to Know the Brands
Ever want to know a little more about the brands you're buying? Learn more about the brands we have on special this month.


RAWZ Pet Food

The RAWZ pledge is that they will provide your pet with a variety of quality nutritional options without the use of rendered meals, rendered fats or commercial gums. RAWZ will donate 100% of their profits (after taxes and reserves) to three main causes: providing service dogs, spinal cord injury and traumatic brain injury. They care about all pets and the meaningful impact they have on our lives.

The Scott family’s journey in pet food began with Jim Scott Sr. in 1961 and with their son Jim III, they founded RAWZ® Natural Pet Food. Their first goal is to offer your pet nutritionally exceptional recipes that provide the highest meat content possible, utilizing natural alternatives to highly-processed ingredients.


Their second goal is to give back. Their sons both acquired life-altering injuries. As they were recovering, they experienced the spiritual impact a pet can have on its family. Living through that difficult time, they received tremendous comfort and support from Boomer, the family’s yellow lab. In recognition of the crucial role Boomer played as they all transitioned into a new chapter of their lives together, they pledged as a family to donate 100% of the profits (after taxes and reserves) from RAWZ® to three main causes: providing service dogs, spinal cord injury and traumatic brain injury.

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At Bones & Co. Pet Foods, they believe it’s up to them to do right by dog, no matter the cost. That’s why they handcraft metabolically appropriate food for dogs: Ketogenic raw. Their food is 95% meat, bone, & organs and 5% vegetables, vitamins, & minerals—making it the most biologically and metabolically-appropriate food. With no preservatives, no grains, and absolutely no fillers, their food has nothing to hide.

  • Their low-carb recipe shifts your pup’s metabolism away from sugars and starches. It puts their body in an optimal metabolic fat burning state called ketosis, just how mother nature intended.

  • They partner with small family farms and their food and supplements are made from responsibly sourced, natural ingredients. No antibiotics or added hormones, ever.

  • Each meal is always handcrafted in 250lb micro-batches in a human grade kitchen in Austin, TX.


Snugaroozpet is an innovative collection of interactive toys for fun-loving dogs and cats. Every single item is designed to epitomize the official mission of the brand: "Snuggle. Cuddle. Play. Snugarooz plush toys are crafted to squeak and crinkle their way into every furry heart, while Snugarooz knotted toys are engineered to endure exuberant tugging and chewing.

Over 60 million plastic bottles end up in landfills, incinerators, rivers, and oceans every year. Snugarooz recycles empty plastic bottles into the cutest toys for pets! The bottles are sorted by quality and broken into small pieces and washed to become a clean and clear raw material. That raw material is then turned into fiber used for fabric or stuffing the toys!

Earthbuddy CBD
Earth Buddy CBD

Earth Buddy came to life when they saw the incredible benefits of hemp in their own pets and saw a need in countless other pets for what we were doing. Keeva, co-founder Sean’s 13 year old Collie mix, was the first inspiration due to her variety of health issues like brain function, sore joints, and low appetite. After adopting her from a family member, Sean’s hope was to give her some quality of life before she passed. Concerned they weren’t going to have much time with Keeva, Sean and his family decided to strictly feed and supplement her with species appropriate, whole food ingredients that were traceable and of the highest quality. In addition to upgrading her diet, Sean supplemented Keeva with medicinal mushrooms and hemp extracts from a local organic hemp farm. Keeva’s quality of life immediately improved and they were able to keep her healthy and happy for another 2 wonderful years.

​They grow all of their hemp on a small, organic farm in Longmont, Colorado. All of their products are made with love in their own kitchen, never co-manufactured. This ensures their hemp is always single-origin, never 3rd party sourced with low traceability. They also use minimally processed, whole food ingredients sourced locally and organically whenever possible and always traceable.

GivePet Treats
GivePet Treats

Chris has always had a passion for dogs. Ever since his family adopted his first dog, Lummox, when he was five years old, he’s also been passionate about giving back to animal shelters. At first, it was just donating to the local shelter when he, his wife, and three kids could. But after 112 years working in the premium pet food industry – that’s 16 in human years – Chris saw an opportunity to do something that could make a mastiff, er, massive impact for shelters nationwide.

Chris knew that training dogs for adoption requires a steady stream of healthy treats. He also knew that there are millions of warm-hearted dog owners out there that would be thrilled to buy a premium, natural product that gives back to animal shelters they love. From there, GivePet was born.

A portion of the profits from every bag goes back to one of our local Phoenix shelter partners in the form of the very same treats we sell to you!

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