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Stop in this month to take advantage of these great offers! Save $5 on any size bag of Lotus pet food and get 2X Reward Points on Primal Frozen Goat Milk, all Messy Mutts & Messy Cats products, and all Bocce's treats. Better hurry though, these offers are only good through the end of the month!

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Ever want to know a little more about the brands you're buying? Learn more about the brands we have on special this month and don't forget...

Save $5 on any size bag of Lotus pet food and get 2X Reward Points on Primal Frozen Goat Milk, all Messy Mutts & Messy Cats products, and all Bocce's treats.

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From the beginning, Lotus has always been family-owned and operated. In 2003, they created Lotus because of their love for pets and because they knew they could make something better. They also wanted to be very hands-on owners by learning and doing all aspects of making dog and cat food. They decide how the foods are made (small batches of kibble that are oven-baked and small batches of cans that are made in their own micro-cannery), and what ingredients go into them. There is no multi-national conglomerate or private equity company telling us how to make our food.

Oven-baked kibble means more fresh meat - up to 40% in each bag. It also means better Amino Acid retention, better vitamin & antioxidant retention, and 50% less sugar delivery (low cooking temperature makes the sugar less available). Lotus oven-baked kibble is less processed, has less starch, has more fresh meats, fish and poultry than most other kibbles, and hey, it just plain tastes better.

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Founded in 2001, Primal is an established and experienced company that continues to set the standard for raw, freeze-dried and fresh pet foods. They are proud to create their formulas in their own state-of-the-art facility in Fairfield, CA. Every Primal product is carefully crafted with love and pride throughout the manufacturing process. That’s why they have secured strong, long-term relationships with all of their vendors who humanely raise, sustainably grow, and responsibly process all of the proteins, organic fruits & vegetables, and unrefined food-based vitamins & minerals in their products.

Primal frozen raw goat milk is a nutrient-rich hydration option that’s packed with vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and more - it's the “universal milk”! Suitable for dogs or cats. They even have specialty formulas to help with an individual pet's needs.
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Bocce’s was started in a tiny NYC kitchen with a mixer, an oven, a scruffy mutt named Bocce, and with the belief that our furry friends deserve better. Better food with fresher, simpler, all-natural ingredients. They started to bake and bake, and they grew and grew - and now Bocce's even bakes for cats, too! Their kitchens are now bigger, but their batches are still small and their ingredients are still the best. They are committed to making a change in the pet space by proving that simple is better. They start each recipe with the highest quality ingredients - think nitrate-free bacon, peanut butter made with only freshly roasted peanuts, antibiotic-free chicken and beef... all sourced in the USA local to their bakeries.
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The Messy Mutts dog care products naturally look good in the home. Just because you have a dog, or two, or three doesn’t mean your home has to look it. You shouldn’t compromise between maintaining a chic home and wholeheartedly loving your messy mutts. Chris has been designing stylish housewares for years. His eye for design is like a dog’s sense of smell. All Messy Mutts products are tastefully colourful, stylish and most importantly functional. It’s dog décor to drool for!