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Stop in this month to take advantage of these great offers! Better hurry though, these offers are only good through the end of the month!

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Earth Buddy
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We want to showcase these brands because these are brands our employees can't get enough of, brands that we love as a company, and (of course) brands that we love as pet parents.  

Get to Know the Brands
Ever want to know a little more about the brands you're buying? Learn more about the brands we have on special this month.


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Earth Buddy came to life when they saw the incredible benefits of hemp in their own pets and saw a need in countless other pets for what we were doing. Keeva, co-founder Sean’s 13 year old Collie mix, was the first inspiration due to her variety of health issues like brain function, sore joints, and low appetite. After adopting her from a family member, Sean’s hope was to give her some quality of life before she passed. Concerned they weren’t going to have much time with Keeva, Sean and his family decided to strictly feed and supplement her with species appropriate, whole food ingredients that were traceable and of the highest quality. In addition to upgrading her diet, Sean supplemented Keeva with medicinal mushrooms and hemp extracts from a local organic hemp farm. Keeva’s quality of life immediately improved and they were able to keep her healthy and happy for another 2 wonderful years.
​They grow all of their hemp on a small, organic farm in Longmont, Colorado. All of their products are made with love in their own kitchen, never co-manufactured. This ensures their hemp is always single-origin, never 3rd party sourced with low traceability. They also use minimally processed, whole food ingredients sourced locally and organically whenever possible and always traceable.

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These new summer-themed toys from Tuffy’s are sure to make a splash this summer...but don’t worry because they float! Great for interactive play with one or multiple dogs. Best for dogs who like to whip their toys and play tug for hours.


  • Duraforce® toys are made with UP TO 2 layers. The exterior mesh is thicker than most multiple layer toys!

  • 1 layer Durable Plastic Coated Woven Mesh on the outside.

  • 1 layer strong luggage grade material on the inside.


  • All of the toy layers are sewn together to make one super strong layer of material sewing edge and makes the toy even stronger.

  • Each toy is sewn together with 2 rows of cross stitching and 2 rows of linear stitching. Some toys have an additional piece of webbing trim which protects the 


The squeakers are attached to the toy with protective pouches. This feature provides a safe window to remove the toy from your pet should it reach the core.


Their philosophy at All Dog Boots is to actively improve the quality of a pet's life while providing support and a sense of relief to the owners; they do this by offering the best possible products to help the pet stay safe, happy, and healthy in both outdoor and indoor environments.
They are a small family-owned company that is also "owned" by three loving dogs: Cooper, Max, and Moose. Cooper is a much loved thirteen year old Morkie (Maltese/Yorkshire Terrier mix). Max is a very special eleven year old teapot Yorkie. Moose is a goofy German Shepherd. All pooch paw-wear has been tried and tested by these resident shoe gurus.

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Located in Colorado Springs, CO, K&H Pet Products is the largest dedicated producer of cooling pet products in the country. We offer the greatest quality, innovation and selection for dogs, cats, wild and exotic birds, poultry, small animals, stock tanks, and ponds. 

Coolin' Pet Pad

  • Affordable cooling dog bed that uses no electricity and contains no toxic gels; it wicks heat out of your pet and releases it into the air, keeping fido or kitty cool

  • Provides cooling comfort and support for pets with arthritis, hip dysplasia, excessive panting, and can be placed on top of pet bed's for chilled comfort

  • Recommended for indoor and outdoor use - just add water to provide consistent cooling comfort for your pet. Plus the cooling pad is lightweight for convenient travel and easy set-up.

  • No toxic gels in this cooling pet bed, perfect for cats, dogs or any other animal that may need to chill out. Coolin' Pet Pad will not turn hard or deteriorate like other brands

Cooling Bowls

  • With powerful cooling, this is the only pet cooling bowl that keeps water fresh and cold for up to 15 hours to help keep pets cool and hydrated all day long

  • Cooling water bowl can be used indoors and outdoors, does not use electricity and is BPA free

  • Great for home or on the go, indoors or outdoors, simply activate the cooling crystals by filling the interior with water once; then freeze the bowl each night

  • Available in two sizes, great for any size cat or dog to keep their water cool all day

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